Best 4 Back to School Android Apps

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Going back to school or college should not mean you drop off your smartphone or tablet and bid farewell to all the apps that lit up your vacation days. There are still some mobile apps that can enrich your back to school experience and bring you some capabilities you have not even thought were possible.

Must have back to school apps


Too much copying? Too much scrambling through notebooks, copybooks and lots of papers? With Docfy document scanner, you can scan any content from a whiteboard, your colleagues’ notebook or elsewhere. And then you can easily retrieve your notes by organizing them using the advanced multi-level filing system of the app. Some of the many features of the app will enable you to share scans with your classmates with just a single tap on your smartphone screen. Or you can sync your scans so that you have them backed up and accessible across your devices. Also you can convert your scans to PDF and export them to the SD card of your device. And many other features will make your job of document management just a breeze.

Docfy document scanner is free for Android with in-app purchasing for an extra scan quota.

Document Scanner App

myHomework Student Planner

Wanna keep track of your homework and assignments due dates? Wanna keep a schedule of your classes or lectures and get reminders for them? MyHomework Student Planner frees you from paper school agendas and timetables. It features a mobile widget that syncs your upcoming due dates to the homescreen of your smartphone or tablet. It also helps students to stay organized with their tasks and to develop better study habits.

Teachers can upload files and assignments and set due dates for students and everything will be synced to myHomework planner. Users can also sync their homework between the mobile app and the web app and then they have everything accessible from their laptops.

myHomework Student Planner is free with in-app purchasing for an ad-free experience and more themes.

myhomework app

Presentation Remote

Hate being stuck behind your laptop every time you have a presentations to make? Start using Presentation Remote and control the flow of the show using your mobile device. Time your slides as you speak or use the additional timer function of the app for predefined timing intervals and slides duration. Presentation Remote helps you present slideshows with many different formats like PowerPoint, Prezi, Adobe Reader, Google Slides, OpenOffice and many others. It works over WiFi or bluetooth to connect your laptop to your mobile device.

Presentation Remote is a tool no student should go without. t shall give users more confidence as they focus less on distractors and more on their audience and message.

Presentation Remote is available for free on iOS, Android and Windows phones.


You come across many web pages that you don’t have time to read right now because you really need to finish this term paper? You want to save them for later but they almost always end up somewhere that you do not know? Use Pocket! The app captures and saves articles, videos and websites all alike. Whatever seems interesting, send it straight to Pocket. Pocket has free add-ons to save content from Chrome, Safari, Firefox, and ie.

It will be your go-to while commuting or whenever you’ve got some time to spend with your mobile device or laptop. Moreover, you can view your content offline and the app syncs your listed content across devices.

Pocket is free for Android and iOS and the premium version gives you search and tagging capabilities for your saved content.

Pocket App

Those are 4 apps that you should not miss before you are set for your back to school or back to college. They will make your rummaging through paper notes, presentation slides, website pages and other resources just history. When everything is quite organized, you will have the time and the peace of mind to stay focused on your ultimate goals.

Docfy document scanner