Document Scanning and More

Docfy document scanner helps you enjoy a paperless environment at home, at office and everywhere and keeps your important documents handy and safely stored to your device or on the web.

  • Scanning both photos and text perfectly
  • App camera optimized for scanning
  • Changing resolution of scan results
  • Batch mode to scan multi-page documents
  • Auto-detection and auto-cropping of scanned documents
  • Manual adjustment of cropping area enabled
  • Scan retake
  • Different enhancement modes to suit every scan
  • Saves last used enhancement mode
  • Brightness, contrast and details adjustment to sharpen scans and remove unwanted details
  • Most actions take only a few seconds
  • Importing images from device gallery, Google Drive or Dropbox

Document Management

Stop emailing important documents to yourself. Scan and file in simple easy steps and find your documents with no hassle.

  • Easily create new documents, folders and subfolders
  • Advanced subdirectory filing system to better organize documents
  • Rename scans, documents and folders
  • Reorder scans within the document
  • Copy, paste and move actions
  • Thumbnail and list view
  • Starred view for favorized documents

Search and Text Processing

Convert the content in any scanned image into text and use it to search through your documents or reprocess the text the way you wish.

  •  OCR scanned documents
  • Search by content
  • Search by folder name, document name, text in OCRed scans and text in notes
  • Extract OCRed text from scans
  • Copy and paste OCRed text into any document, note or email
  • More than twenty languages supported
  • Languages supported: Chinese (Simplified), Chinese (Traditional), Danish, Dutch, English, Finnish, French, German, Hungarian, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Malay, Norwegian, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, Swedish, Swedish and Turkish

Syncing and Accessibility

No limitation. No accounts creation. No payments! Automatically sync to Google Drive and get your documents instantly available on your smartphone, tablet, PC or any other device in real time.

  • Share PDFs or JPEGs of your scans
  • Enable/ disable synchronization
  • Choose which Google account to sync to
  • Automatically sync PDFs of your scans
  • ‘Sync over Wi-Fi only’ option available to limit data usage.
  • Multiple sharing channels

PDF and Privacy

Scan to PDF with much ease and share or email your PDFs.

  • Send your PDFs as email attachment or share via sharing channels with a single tab.
  • Include notes and annotations in generated PDFs
  • Set passwords to protect your generated PDFs
  • Adjusting the PDF settings to control how PDFs view
  • Choose from ten page sizes