Best Android Apps to Access your Content Offline

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New models of smartphones and OS updates are introduced into the market everyday. For you to make the most out of the technology brought to your immediate usage, you need to augment your mobile device with the right tools that shall boost your productivity and assist you with your daily tasks.

These 3 apps will allow you to create or capture content and have it available across devices and without the need for internet connection. Each of them has its own unique value and distinctive flavor. A mix and match between them all will enrich your smartphone usage experience and scale up its capabilities.

Google Drive

Google Drive is a celebrated cloud-based storage service for you to store and sync almost anything at anytime.

You can create various types of documents online and access and edit them offline if you are using Google Chrome OS and you changed your browser settings to that end. And your documents are always updated to the last editions you made.

The app also provides you with a smart real time collaborative editing feature with trackable revision history and a built in instant messaging feature within the document view. This makes work with others on the same document incomparably easier and manageable.

The app is free with a 15GB free storage space but an additional payment would be necessary for additional storage. Google Drive embraces a monthly fees model with incremental plans to up to 16 TB.

Smart Document Scanner

In today’s world, you need your paper documents to be instantly available to you across your devices and even if you are offline. Smart Document scanner grants you with this functionality.

You scan and enhance all of your paper documents and convert them to PDF format for sharing through different channels. The app then syncs all scans to your Google Drive account so that you have them packed up and readily accessible.

The OCR feature of the app enables you to have the content of your scans both searchable and editable. It adds notes and annotations to your scans and exports generated PDFs to the SD card of the mobile device. All in all, the app comes as a handy and complete content digitization solution.

You can use the app to scan your lectures notes, your bank statements, your gym schedule, your daily receipts and invoices for easier tracking and a lot more. You can also mark any of your scans as favorite.

All features are available for free app users but a premium $4.99 version grants unlimited scans.

pocket app


Many times we come across an interesting article that we would like to save for later but is there a tool to keep things sane?

Pocket is a unique mobile app that comes in Android and iOS and helps you save articles and videos for later access. You can do that even if you are offline and your content becomes available on multiple devices.

The app comes as an easy solution and a great companion to find your most interesting content while commuting or queuing in a store. You can mark an article as favorite for easier retrieval.

Do not allow yourself to get distracted by an interesting blog post. Save it for later when the time is right. The app just serves as a distraction management and knowledge organizer tool.

All app functionality are available in a free version on Play Store and iTunes.

Those apps are among the best Android apps functional wise and user experience wise for Android and iOS devices. Try them out and get the feel of having a personal assistant at home, at work and on the go.