The Document Rescue – Smart Document Scanner

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Save your important documents and PDFs to SD card or sync them to Google Drive and keep them handy and secure

Contracts, certificates, presentations, … So many important documents. You know they are important but you can’t always carry all of those papers around. Wanna have them handy and secure? Wanna have them backed up without consuming much space of your internal storage?

Smart Document Scanner offers you an effective and portable method to scan and store your documents, keeping your information both safe and accessible.

Scan and sync to Google Drive

With the ‘Sync to Google Drive’ feature, you can choose a google account to sync all of your scanned documents to. Syncing to Drive will allow you to access your scans from any device and always have your documents backed up. So if you reset your device to factory settings and come back later and install Smart Document Scanner, it will bring you back all of your folders, documents, notes, annotations and OCR as well. Outstanding, isn’t it?

Smart Document Scanner gives you the option of saving data by allowing you to ‘Sync over WiFi Only’, a feature which is enabled by default in sync settings of the app. Another option is to sync your PDFs by default along with your files. This is a feature you can enable as well in the app sync settings.

Convert to PDF and save to SD card

Export your PDFs to your SD card

No access to network? Not a problem. Still have your documents saved to your SD card. It is as easy as this:

1. Scan your documents using the scanning-customized camera of the app

2. Convert your scans into PDFs and export them to your SD card

3. Choose your preferred location on your SD card

With Smart Document Scanner, no fear to lose any important documents or forget where you have located them. Get your life paper-free. Get Smart Document Scanner.