Why Smart Document Scanner Should Be Your Next Install?

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Smart Document Scanner®

Ever needed to scan a document on the go? Ever bothered with so many receipts in your pocket or bag that you had no real need for their physical existence? What about that copy and print center you got sick from wasting your time queuing in?

This is where Smart Document Scanner comes into action. The new kid around the corner comes with such an impressive functionality, well-developed features and a perfectly intuitive interface that will make all your worries just history.

So why Smart Document Scanner is the app that you should get on your smartphone or tablet?

The app provides all the essential core features that a standard document scanning app would offer in addition to a plethora of add-on features that shall enrich your experience with the app, leaving no issue without at least one solution to handle. All of this comes as the free-of-charge core app offering.

The free Android app for document scanning and scanning-to-PDF attains to the users’ persistent needs of:


The state-of-the-art app camera has been optimized for document scanning with settings that would enable users to customize it according to their preferences. Users get to choose the resolution. The camera also comes with a balancer and a grid view. Batch scan mode can be enabled to scan multi-page documents very quickly and smoothly.


Scan edges are then auto-detected and an auto-crop option makes cropping them super easy. A pre-defined set of enhancement modes give users several options to optimally enhance their scans.


With a simple tap on the screen, Smart Document Scanner opens channels for sharing your scans with the world. and you can password-protect your shared PDFs.

Scan to PDF

Need to send a PDF attachment of your scans? Converting your images to PDFs could have never been easier or less time-consuming.

These features are what a normal user might expect from a standard document scanning app. But Smart Document Scanner took it a step further, offering features that would meet the users’ growing need for a document management solution. Its developers had it as their solid vision to always exceed the expectations and serve users right. The result of their constant efforts brought to you those additional features that will sure help users have an easier time managing their documents.

Multi-directory filing system

The multi-level filing system and different viewing modes of the app allow for a better organization of your scans. Renaming, copying, pasting and moving scans are all features that were meant to make users’ life easier.


That is another thrilling feature of the app where you can OCR all the content of your scans and process the text within. Searching the text within or copy/pasting the content of scans was made possible.


Need cloud storage? Need to have your scans available on different devices? Need to backup your important documents? Smart Document Scanner will sync your content to your Google drive and make it available on all of your devices.

And that is not all. App developers still have a lot more to accomplish and a lot to offer which makes the app more promising with every new update made available on the store. As Smart Document Scanner offers a high level of performance, well-developed essential core features and distinctive additional ones, it could just hit on a successful formula of an app that is worthy of users’ attention.